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About Us

Welcome to the TL VetPath International Consultants website. We are a privately owned veterinary diagnostic laboratory that offers veterinary pathology services worldwide.

Why submit your cases to us?

  1. We use the most innovative approach to veterinary diagnostic pathology by fully digitalizing glass slides and implementing the "second-opinion policy" by which each complex case is analyzed by at least two veterinary board-certified pathologists to attain the most accurate diagnosis

  2. The fully digitalized pathology system enables us to remotely access and analyze microscopic slides at any given moment anywhere in the world

  3. For all ocular and periocular tissue samples, we have a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist reviewing samples and providing second opinion with a distinct clinical prospective to allow best clinical care for your patient

Our team currently operates histopathology services in the USA, Asia, and Europe, and we are continuously looking for opportunities to establish new collaborative relationships with interested diagnostic laboratories worldwide.

Our mission is to provide fast, reliable, and high quality diagnoses no matter where you are, and we always welcome the opportunity to discuss how our service can be of benefit to you.
Call Us: 1-860-469-2393
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